Our teachers are passionate and interested in helping you to establish a safe and consistent practice. With diversity in teaching styles and focus to keep you inspired.


Hana Colligan

RYT 2016 200hr Hatha teacher training


My love of yoga stems from a self practise that came about as a balance to other more aggressive exercise and the desire to stretch it all out and reduce injury. Yoga quickly became my passion and an organic transformational tool for me. By freeing my body through focused movement and creating a bridge between body and mind through breath I have come to know myself like I never had before!

Being able to share this with others and do what I love and know to be beneficial, is a gift I am so grateful for. As I begin my journey as a teacher I am humbled to work with a team of true gifted teachers and beautiful students here in Nelson. I have a particular love for yin, in a world of madness there is something quite beautiful about taking time to sit quietly in our bodies, finding stillness and letting the body open up naturally.

I also love to teach kids yoga- imagine if we had all been taught yoga from a young age? Let’s make it happen for the next generation. What a privilege being a part of this!

Much love


Carly Backman

RYT 200hr – Power Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin

I guide students though a practice that incorporates elements of Power Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin. These three lineages, as well as yoga philosophy, are designed to cultivate the mind, body, spirit connection that makes yoga unique to other forms of exercise or group fitness. I believe in the beautiful and transformative things that happen when we step onto our mats for the creative exploration of our being through this continuously humbling, dynamic, and ever-changing practice of yoga. And I consider it an honor and a privilege to facilitate that exploration for my students. Namaste.


Tess Booth

500hr Moksha Yoga Certified

50hr Yoga Therapy Certified

Irest® Yoga Nidra teacher in training

“Do small things with great love.”- Mother Teresa 

I believe in the saying we are drawn to teach what we need, as I continue to navigate my own life, i have found the ancient wisdom of yoga incredibly powerful. This nourishing practice in its many forms has continued to be my support to process and heal. As I gather my tool-kit for self care I am increasingly drawn to the practice of restorative yoga and moving in a way that evokes a deeper connection to the felt sense and to our natural state of ‘being’. 

My teaching intention is to offer a safe space and guidance that supports students to deepen into their intuition and body wisdom.


Melissa Millard

RYT 200hr Power Living Yoga Accreditation (Duncan Peak)

For me Yoga is a vehicle that provides union to all aspects of the Self, and creates balance in the body and mind that starts from within. I love that every time I come onto my mat I learn something about my state of being, constantly getting feedback to integrate into my understanding of self from an internal rather than an externally focused space.

I’m passionate about building awareness of the body and mind through movement and conscious breath. Delving through the layers of the physical body and unwrapping the mind to create new perspectives on what is possible.

Aeven Flame

Yoga Alliance registered as ERYT-500

Yoga is my absolute passion and source of inspiration and nourishment. I have over 2000 hours of contact teaching, within six years, allowing me a lot of experience to impart. I discovered yoga and appreciated the holistic nature of incorporating mind, breath and spirit into the physical aspect of exercise. I traveled the world for ten years, practicing and learning as many varied yoga practices and lineages as possible, and strove to embody the universal yogic principles.

In my teaching I tend to use my practical knowledge and intuition to best serve the class and individual, offering a unique and well rounded experience. I am an advocate of the saying ‘teach people not asanas’ in which my personalized teaching offerings benefit each individual. Breath, body and spirit come together In a holistic approach to asana. With my roots in Iyengar practice I have a focus on alignment and fundamental integrity within the bio-mechanics of the physical form, and then involve the prana flow and more energetic and spiritual yogic principles to create a holistic and well rounded transmission. I invite and encourage students to listen to their own needs and practice accordingly. I love interesting and playful shapes and sequences to keep the sessions fun and interactive.

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